What the critics are saying:

“This trio is complemented with excellent work by Ross and Liz Dutton in multiple roles. Dutton is, among others, Buddy’s preening 103-year-old aunt, a lissome young pianist who catches Odd Harrison’s eye, and, delightfully, Queenie the Dog.” Tim Treanor, DC Theatre Scene

“The unlikely duet becomes a loving trio in combination with the charismatic terrier, Queenie, delightfully embodied on stage and off by Liz Dutton…Liz Dutton and Devon Ross admirably take on a staggering arraying of additional characters, often in quick succession.” Chris Williams, MD Theatre Guide

“Nagel and Dutton are flawless in this intentionally stylized production. The actors embrace both the play’s fantastical magic realism and its socially relevant commentary on police brutality and political chicanery.” Peggy McGlone, Washington Post

“Despite the weighty material and heart-wrenching scenes, Dutton and Nagel create both a levity and the necessary distance for digestion through a vaudevillian treatment of the script and their deeply honest portrayals of their characters. Their performance, combined with the inventive, simplistic use of space, colour, props, light and sound, create a magnetic and unforgettable experience for the audience.” Heather Hill, MD Theatre Guide

“Dutton’s energy is evident as she performs, and adds much to the Women’s Ensemble performances, especially in the second half.  She is an Actors Equity membership candidate, and although not as experienced as many of the veteran actors in the cast, holds her own.” Marakay Rogers, BroadwayWorld.com

“Dutton plays Glenna with such lush stridence that we easily see why the Devil eventually begs her to just leave.” April Forrer, MD Theatre Guide

“Blowing through the middle of the work as the wronged woman, Liz Dutton quickly adapts from a confused visitor to Hurricane Glenna, a force of nature who has found a loophole in supernatural law…” Steven McKnight, DC Theatre Scene

“…Liz Dutton is the real bright spot as Suzette, the cook who thinks she knows too much”. Jolene Munch Cardoza, Washington Examiner

“As portrayed with panache by Liz Dutton, Suzette is a feisty and self-confident Cordon Bleu alum who’s as quick-witted as she is mercenary. She can dance a tango, order a Cointreau frappé, beat up her strapping husband and stare a prevaricating employer into discomfiture — and don’t try getting in her way when she’s wielding sugar tongs.” Celia Wren, Washington Post

“Liz Dutton is wonderfully over the top as the wacky chef”. Steven McKnight, DC Theatre Scene

“An unexpected highlight of the production was the dumb show, the play within a play, which the Players (Allison S. Galen, Liz Dutton, and Christopher Holbert) inflected with enough hyperbole to elicit a stream of laughs from the audience.” Marianne Naval, Maryland Theatre Guide

“Liz Dutton is amusing as [Jack’s] piteous mother, Mrs. Spriggens…The ensemble does an expert job at keeping rapt attention of the audience, both young and old, giving outstanding performances with lots of energy and playful humor.” Julie Exline, Maryland Theatre Guide


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